BB-Pelican Q Goshen BO 5/31/22

A simple text to Flexseal and Viking congratulating them on the numbers they have been getting at the new Goshen BO turned into them signing me up to Q. I’ll never congratulate anyone again. It’s a fairly long drive from the County out there but those boys and others have been doing it for years so hard to complain about having to do it once. But I will anyways, especially since they didn’t tell me it was the day after a holiday.

I got there a tad bit early, in my head Goshen was like an hour from house but it’s closer to 20 minutes. Anyway this allowed me to do a quick drive around the parking lot to find the best place for the thang. Then Viking pulled up in a Clown Car with Speed Bump and some other dude that I didn’t know. In all we had 9 PAX—3 I knew and 6 I didn’t.

3 I knew-

Me, Viking and Speedbump

6 I didn’t-

Lumbers, Spaz, Lightfoot, Bueller (FNG), Wolverine and Cage Free

There was no FlexSeal because Jewel made him go back to the Boondocks for one more post since he skipped a workout when he was site Q. Or so the story goes in my head at least.

We did standard COP stuff and then started the thang. Which was 10 manmakers followed by a rifle carry of your coupon across the parking lot mosey back to the start spot and do 10 burpees. Then mosey back to your coupon and do 9 manmakers and continuing this until you did 1 burpee and manmaker. This took a lot longer than I expected (not sure why I thought all of us would finish in Holy Roller time) but we had a little bit of time to do Squats the same way starting from five. But instead of rifle carrying we did a bear crawl dragging our coupon and stopped about halfway in the parking lot.

We finished strong with flutter kicks and big bois-which suck with a sunburned back. Then close with CoR, NoR, announcements (County Fair!!!!!!!) and intentions. Great to get out and visit the newest and fastest growing site in the region (outside of the FSRC).


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