6.10.22 Back Blast – The Baptizer

When I woke up this morning I was feeling froggy. I was in the mood for a good beat down and felt like the Gardenettes wouldn’t mind one either.

Pax: Huggies, Minnow, Diane Dukes, Mr. Roper, Jewel

Q: Stick Up

0530 rolled around and the disclaimer was given. No FNGs so let’s get after it. Quick mosey to the top of the Baptizer and circled up for COP.

COP: 25 SSH, 10 Grass Grabbers, 10 Toy Soldiers, 10 Hillbillies, downward dog, typical L/R stretches, 15 Mountain Climbers. An anonymous pax decided to get cute with the rep counting so we threw in 20 BOYOs to end it.

Thang 1: Mosey to the upper speed bump on the Baptizer hill. 10 squats, run to the lower one, 15 lunges each leg. Do this repeatedly for an unannounced number of rounds. When YHC felt like we were done with that we waited at the top for the 6 and moseyed back to the upper lot curb.

Thang 2: bear crawl to the mid line 15 squats, Bernie back, bear crawl the width 20 squats Bernie back.

We then moseyed down the hill of stolen souls back to the flags for a few rounds of Mary.

Thang 1.2: after COP and continuing through Mary, EMOM 5 BOYOs. It got rough.

COT: countOrama, nameOrama, announcements, intentions, words of thanks.

Thanks for the invite Dukes.

Stick Up

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