BB – Layover Q- The Patriot 6/10/22

Beautiful morning in the gloom at The Patriot with our 5 flags surrounding the statue, blowing gently in the wind.  The mumble chatter pre workout was on a different level this morning. 15 HIMS came together on my 42nd birthday. Started off with the disclaimer and COR. We got to 14, but we had one straggler who snuck in at the last minute to make it 15. I couldn’t see who it was because there were 5 flags in my way. Warmed up with SSH, downward dog, arm circles and michael phelps. Explained that today was my 42nd birthday and that we were going to take a trip down my memory lane and look back on my childhood. Since I was born in 1980, we were going to listen to some sweet ad free 80’s workout music along the way. Started off with a mosey to City Place lawn where we got a presoak from the lawn sprinklers before the first Thang. We really need to talk to @Boss Hog about changing those sprinkler times. Upon arriving at the lawn, everybody did 10 BOYO’s.

Thang 1: Modified DORA where each pax does 42 of each exercise for a total of 84. This being my VQ, I was a little slow about saying which exercises we were to accomplish. There was a lot of mumble chatter about my preparation, and I quickly put an end to that and made everyone get to work. I know its hard to do math in the gloom. I thought 42 + 42 was simple enough but, all Pax got after it hard doing 42 Merkins, Big Boys and Squats for a total of 84 each exercise with their partners

Thang 2: Mosey to the Public Library where my mom would take me as a child. There was some chatter along the way about my music choice. I really think it was what was keeping everyone motivated to give it their all with Deniece Williams singing “Let’s Hear it for the Boys” in the background. 10 more BOYO’s. At this point, everyone was starting to get the hint that we were going to get in 42 Burpees along the way. A similar modified DORA with the same partners was completed. 42 Carolina Dry Docks, plank while your partner ran a lap around the parking lot and 42 jump lunges each leg (That’s 84 total. Refer to Thang 1).

Thang 3: Mosey to Southeast Christian Church parking lot since my parents dragged me to church as a child. 10 more BOYO’s. I then led the HIM’s in 42 preacher sit-ups on my up.  Some miraculous way I was able to do all 42 of them without stopping. Don’t know if the Lord gave me some extra strength or if being the Q gives us some extra ability to do more than we normally can. I’m leaning more towards divine intervention.

Thang 4: Mosey to NAPA where it all started for the two who brought me into this world. My mom and dad both worked at a NAPA distribution center in Cincinnati, Ohio where they met, fell in love and the rest is history. 12 BOYO’s this time to make the total count of 42. We honored my parents bringing me into this world with two sets of 21 pickle pounders to make a total of 42. That’s for those of you that can’t add 21+21. (Refer to Thang 1)

Mosey back to the statue up heart break hill.  Half of the Pax’s I thought were stopping at Dough Baby Doughnuts to get me some for my birthday. But, no… They were modifying as necessary, I guess, to take some sort of unknown shortcut to me to try to skip heart break hill.  I saw you! You know who you are… We rounded the corner and spotted the statue surrounded by those 5 beautiful flags, gently flowing in the breeze. Held plank for the Six. Finished with a little bit of merry where @mannequin thought he was going to lead us in 42 gas pumps. But YHC called time after 17. Did COR where we had 15 this time. NOR and named an FNG. Welcome @Claptrap! You’ll have to ask him how he got that name next time you see him in the gloom. Something about a small robot in a story that I am not familiar with. @Saul Goodman advised against googling claptrap. Announcements and intentions were made. We ended in ball of man with a prayer and  an our father. Most stuck around for some mumble chatter after. Then we heard the bells of an approaching train and all Pax scattered. I’m humbled to lead these awesome HIM’s. Great job everyone. SYITG!

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