Back-Blast 06.10.22: Chopper at The Vets (Kitty Litter Q)

The opportunity to Q out at the Vets came up earlier this week when Worm reached out about this Friday’s (today’s) opening. I was mildly interested…and then learned he was out of town. “SOLD!”

JK. Worm’s a stand-up guy and Vets is lucky to have him. Next time I’ll bring the heat to a few more Vets regulars. But this morning we had a great group of HIM, including Leno, Lady Bird, Newman, Bombay, Lock Box, Vincent, and YHC. 7 Pax total + Emma (D). After a few intros, disclosures, and warm-ups, we jumped into the Thangs:

First Thang: “11’s” with increasing/decreasing sets of Dips & Man-Makers…run a lap in between (nice little warm up). After that, Next Thang: “Bear-Crawl-Indian-Run-Style”. It was actually kinda fun, once we figured it out: All lined up in plank position, then the back pax start passing the group, traveling on all fours. It’s best to keep several pax “passing” the others at the same time, instead of just one at a time. Emma thought we finally saw the light and came into her world. She didn’t need instructions.

After doing a Rifle-Carry-Lunge-Walks over to the big grassy hill, jamming to grunge rock the whole time, we started Thang Three: Another set of 11’s, but this time it was Sq-urls up top (a squat + coupon curl), and four-count flutters at that bottom. Got about half done before time became a factor, so we did 40 pull-through ‘Merkins (pulling the coupon underneath the torso after each rep). A bit of gas-pumps, Freddy Mercs, etc for Mary and then circled up around the Great Seal of The USA. COT: COR/NOR, Announcements, Intentions, Prayers. The Vets guys can lay down the effort; great work men. Really appreciate inviting me out. –KL–

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