BB – Pleasantville 6/10/22 w/ Edward Scissorhands

Stretched and then hit the pavement with our 9 man Indian Run around the loop. We paused at the soccer field to do some footwork drills of up, down and side to sides. The Q stumbled with the left and rights while facing the HIM’s so there were several ”shit”’s dropped during that exercise. We continued our Indian Run back to the amphitheater where we broke up into two teams and did a relay with side straddle hops, weighted squats and donkey kicks. A set of four exercise nuclear abs followed. After we rolled and righted ourselves, another Indian Run followed. Time for arms. 100 bench press, 50 curls, 30 overhead press. and we finished with some hill runs along the edge of the amphitheater . Good work by all.

Side note: Asian Zing is not a fan of techno!!!

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