6.18.22 Pre Blast: The Ruiner @ The O-riginal – BigBird Q

So…not really…but it might be perceived. Mostly, just wanted to catch your attention. My wife’s been asking me what I want to do for Father’s Day and really, I’m pretty easily pleased. As long as I’m with my family I’m happy. But it did get me thinking. What’s something that I really like? I was pondering this while getting in some EC weightlifting listening to Biggie. Then inspiration struck! I love working out listening to some Biggie Smalls! That would be a nice Father’s Day treat for me to share with my brothers that would be the complete opposite of what Dauber’s doing. BTW, County, 2.0’s, boot camp style workout + whiffle ball – if you want to get your kids out and do something fun and, well…not so difficult, that’s your place. But if you want to work hard and rock out like a gangsta, knowing that after a little over an hour once you walk through the doors of Heine Bros, you earned whatever comes next…then come out with me and feel like you be living in mansions and Benzes and how giving ends to your friends feels stupendous!

Disclaimer: since we’ll be at a high traffic park after the sun has risen this will be a 100% clean version…which actually means there might not be a whole lotta music that will make much sense….Anyway…no coupons needed.


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