Back Blast 6/18/2022 – Father’s Day Eve The Nest @ The County

This morning was awesome. An old school County morning with 25 PAX, a solid workout, some OGs in attendance, a healthy dose of 2.0s, strong mumblechatter, great music, and a little wiffle ball.

PAX – Pelican, Primetime 2.0, Meter maid, Backflop, Super soaker 2.0, Firehose 2.0, Valdez, DeVitto, Octodad, Airplane, Asian Zing (R), Double down (R), Jolly Rancher, Fun dip 2.0, Captain Crunchberry, Joe dirt 2.0, Muscle milk 2.0, Duffer 2.0, Brick 2.0, Timeshare, Honey Do, Cratchit, Fungi, Brown water, Dauber (Q).

I thought we would have a strong turnout with some of the buzz around The County leading up to today and we definitely did. The parking lot was filling up as we hit 0700. Quick disclaimer and we were off on a mosey to the front lot for COP.

We started with SSH, but about 5 in I had to stop as one of my 2.0s was already embarrassing me with worse form than Pelican (literally did not raise his hands above his shoulders). I gently called him out and we restarted. He did moderately better. Followed that with the standard warm up stuff and then headed back to the back lot for Thang 1.

We partnered up for declining reps of partner merkins from 10 to 1. Between each set, partners ran to the other end of the lot for 20 Ace & Gary’s (I think that is what Meter said they are called)…alternating who did the BBSUs between each partner.

Airplane was my partner and I don’t want to get mushy, but it was great to catch up with Plane. Definitely miss seeing him out regularly so hopefully that changes going forward. Meter and Brown water were right by us so got to yuck it up with them also. Mumblechatter is always stronger on a Saturday workout.

I don’t remember any of my 2.0s embarrassing me during Thang 1 but I assume they said something inappropriate but were smart enough to pick a spot away from me.

Thang 2 was over at the playground with option to do declining reps of pull ups or partner burpees (I don’t think anyone chose burpees) and 10x of Hail Marys (one partner in plank, other partner does dips with feet on partners back). Shout out to 2.0 Super Soaker who held perfect plank with his dad’s heavy legs on him (just kidding…his dad is Backflop so his legs only weigh like 4 lbs each). A couple of smarta$$ comments from one of my 2.0s but they were under his breath so not too embarrassing on Thang 2.

Back to the parking lot for Thang 3 – flat tires (wheelbarrow with 4 steps, 1 derkin, 8 steps, 2 derkins, etc. Partners change as needed) across the length of the back lot. This was tough, but everyone was cranking to get done. Except the two last place teams consisting of my 2.0s. But Dauber…they are just little kids trying to keep up with adults you say?? Nah, my 2.0s are 20, 18, 16, 13. I’m not saying they were just taking it easy but they were just taking it easy.

Last Thang was a quick wiffle ball game. Only one dropped fly ball the whole game (yep, that was one of my 2.0s).

We circled up for COT – CoR, NoR, announcements, intentions and prayer. A big group headed to the new spot for County coffeteria which topped off a perfect morning.

Seriously though, if you read between the lines of this back-blast you might pick up that I am immensely blessed to be a father and I am very proud of the four young men that joined me this morning. I love F3 and all you guys, but in particular Father’s Day Eve is my favorite workout of the year.


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