Pre-Blast 06.20.22 – The Patriot – Kitty Litter Q

When typing the title above, I started typing “06.20.72”, as I’ve become accustomed to writing that date on countless forms & applications over the years. We’re told to “respect” our elders, and that’s generally pretty good advice–honoring those who have come before us, for their sacrifices and (sometimes) wisdom. But when I see F3 men over 50 get up and get after it, well, that’s what truly inspires me. Just making it to 50 is fine, but all we really did was not die yet. F3 “(R)-Pax”, however, are the ones we should all strive to emulate during our 2nd half, back-nine, final decent, whatever.(….but call me “elderly” and we’re just going to do man-maker-uphill-sprints until COT time is called). Anyway, come on out to The Patriot tomorrow while we “celebrate accelerating”. We’ll be counting to 50 until Grant falls off the $50. Bring: coupon, gloves, FNGs, heart. –Kitty Litter–

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