Back Blast 6/22/2022 – The Foundry @ The County

I’ll be short and sweet with this back blast. Here is what you need to know: to Pelican’s dismay I Qed (not Subprime even though he posted a pre blast), Tidwell fartsacked (i.e. lied to Jerry McGuire), we went through 3 playlists (2 sucked worse than normal) and we had a solid song-to-ad ratio, Double Down is posting everyday now which is awesome, Cochran can do a one arm pull up, and Backflop rode a scooter.

PAX – Meter Maid, Jerry McGuire (R), Double down (R), Cochran, Brown water, Valdez, Backflop, Pelican, Dauber (Q)

Disclaimer and quick COP.
10 Min EMOM:
5x OH press
10x curls / lunges

10 Min EMOM:
10x skull crushers / chest press
10x BBSU

10 Min EMOM:
5x pull ups / 10x Squats / 10x merkins (choose 2 of 3)

Wrapped up with Mary then COT – CoR, NoR, announcements, intention, prayer.

  • Dauber

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