6.18.22 Back Blast – The Ruiner @ The O

Growing up my Dad was a wanna-be hippie. Our family car was a VW Vanagon, my Mom drove a convertible VW Rabbit and at any time he would have two VW Bugs in the driveway (still does to this day). He had to pick out softball uniforms for the team one year and chose tye dye. Favorite bands were the Beetles, Pink Floyd and really any band that headlined in Woodstock. When I was a teenager I was convinced my Dad was a stoner and maybe he was but he stands firm that he has never touched the “reefer.” I think he just loved the era…loved the music…and appreciated what peace, love and happiness were all about. Maybe there is some small parallel to be drawn with me, Notorious B.I.G. and the Gangsta rap era. I was never in a gang, I respect women, blunts aren’t my thing and I couldn’t care less about money, hoes and clothes. But there is a part of me that thinks I’m “Gangsta.” I like feeling like that at no other time than when getting in a good pump whilst working out. When inspiration struck to have a Biggie themed workout I was jazzed and came prepared to share with my Saturday brothers.

The PAX: Spanx (R), Sump Pump (R), Dot (R), Easy Pass, Stick Up, Tammy Faye Baker, Snotz, Stick Up, BigBird (Q)

As I pull into Seneca Park at 10 minutes to 7 there was not a parking spot to be found. I had to park on a side street cozied up to someone’s front yard. Dot would later tell me that when he showed up for the Ruck there was hardly anyone there. So, within an hour a whole park full of weekend warriors had the same idea…Get up, get out and get better!

0700 and time to get underway. Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey to the Waldorf school for COP: SSH, Abe Vagodas, Toy Soldiers, Pendulums, Runners Stretch complex with some Merkins and Mountain Climbers mixed in. Recover and would go down and back in the parking lot to do some Super Mario’s, Karaoke, High Knees and Butt Kickers. Recover and head to the bathrooms for…

Thang 1: Jack Webb of Dips and Box Jumps. I would like to call this the uncomfortable, awkward Thang. Now, Sump Pump and I immediately became friends during my first post at the Mutt some years back. And maybe Sump makes the comments that he does during a Bird Q because he knows I am a fan of the back blasts and hopes his name will be mentioned. But I feel like Sump is just being Sump for anyone that has the Q. Whichever is the case, Sump will once more be brought up in this post workout reflection. At some point during this portion of the workout there was a scantily clad, I’d venture to say very attractive female that walks past us to use the restroom while we were putting in work. Everyone suddenly became quiet except for Sump who shouts out (before the bathroom door has a chance to close)….”eyes up here boys!” Suffice it to say she exited the bathroom a hell of a lot quicker than when she went in. Thanks Sump for making it weird…recover…ish

Tammy Faye was wondering where the Biggie was as he had exclaimed that was why he pulled himself our of the fartsack. Your wish is my command sir. We would mosey to where I parked so that I could grab the Tailgater and then moseyed back to the playground area, fired up my Biggie playlist and got after it for…

The Next Thang: 10 minute AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 5 pullups, 10 Merkins and 16 Jump Lunges followed by a lap around the tennis courts. During one of the laps YHC made an attempt to HL a dad pushing his son on a swing that was quickly thwarted. I let him know that we are here every Saturday and throughout the week if he wants to enjoy some fellowship, make friends and get mo better. Some good mumble chatter here as a I got to talk with some of the new faces that the O has brought out in the last few previous weeks. Recover

The Final Thang: Head to the tennis courts. Sump was asking if would could go to a non normal tennis court cuz…that’s where the ladies were at…Poor Sump Pump is hard up and needs to get something out…much like water that has gathered in a basement…Anyway, normal tennis court area for a 4 corner ladder. 5, 10, 15, 10, 5. corner 1: Burpees. Mosey to the next corner. Corner 2: Sumo Squat. Bear Crawl to the next corner. Corner 3: Carolina Dry Docks. Mosey to the next corner. Corner 4: Jump Squats and finally Broad Jump back to the Startex. We all put in some solid work, Biggie blaring from the Tailgater and to my knowledge Sump didn’t make anymore creepy comments.

Recover and we had time for 4 PAX to call out a Mary exercise. Time was called and we would head back to the flag for COR, NOR and COT. Made some announcements and said some intentions. Thanked The Sky Q for this group of men who made the decision to come hang out, work hard and get better on a Saturday morning. Finished the morning off to meet up with Vincent at Heine Bros for some fantastic 2rdF!

Until next time…


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