BO Goshen BackBlast 6.23.22 w/ Jewel

The strong leadership out at Goshen decided it was time to take their young AO to the next level of scheduled Q’s by having a week full of Garden guys. Natty Lite had Tuesday, and I had this morning. Let the games begin. Natty gave me a rundown on his weinke so I didn’t duplicate.
A fantastic morning with high 60s and low humidity.
Spam (FNG)
Man O’ War
Natty Lite
Jewel – Q

0530 and disclaimer was given
Kraken burpees x 8
Kraken burpees x 6
Copperhead squats
Kraken burpees x 4
Downward Dog/ Runners stretches/ Caitlyn Jenner
Kraken Burpees x 2

Thang – cones set up for gassers for the run after specific exercises below
50 Hopovers
25 Merkins
15 Squirrels
5 Manmakers

after each stationary exercise PAX ran gassers using the cones laid out. Most got 2 full rounds, a few got into the 3rd round. Hard work was done by all.

Strong work out in Goshen lately. 13 total workouts at an average of 12 PAX. I encouraged all in attendance today to continue to post, and to branch out and try some new AOs. Too many good places and people to stay stationary.

Thanks for all of the hard work today. And thanks for the invite. Keep it up out there…

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