BB – Sump Pump Q – The Ruiner at The “O”.

YHC Hasn’t felt the best all week and this was only my second post. I felt like I needed to makeup for the fartsacks and make others suffer with me.

5 PAX total: Harry Caray, Spanx (R), E-Z Pass, Sub-Zero (DR), Sump Pump (QIC)

Weather was seasonal. Started with the standard fare warmups and threw in some Steve Earles and 60 second arm circles for good measure.

Thang 1 – Indian run around the main track and stop at every third light pole and alternate between merkins, LBC’s and flutter kick (10 IC).

Thang 2- Partner up or 3 up in my case. The PAX would perform the below in rotating fashion between the PAX until the rep count was reached. 25 manmakers and then run the perimeter of a small soccer field. 25 more manmakers for good measure and another lap. Next was 100 overhead presses where we would start at the top of the press and complete in rotating fashion until we reached 33, and 66 We would then run another lap. We then finished with a farmers carry that involved cones placed 20 yards apart. Each team would plank and send 1 PAX to farmer carry both coupons to the first cone and return to relieve the planking PAX so he could farmer carry from cone one to cone 2. Rinsed and repeated until we got to cone 4 and then would work our way back down the latter.

Just enough time for 50 step-ups and time was called.

Welcome to Sub-Zero DR from Michigan.

Reminder about the June ruck on July 1 with @benkiloclark and @jfstewartjr (Holly Roller’s) dare to care for today. Intentions we given and ended with an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead this group.


Sump Pump

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