Backblast – 7/5/22 – The O(g) w/ Jewel

Oh my lawd was it hard to wake up this morning. All I wanted to do was throw my phone across the room at go back to sleep and think of all the cold, tasty adult beverages I consumed over the last 4 days. But reality set in, and those thoughts were the exact reason I needed my fat ass to get out of bed and go to The O!

Weather: see gif… it was thick this morning, and like the rest of the scene says. It’s hot and wet, that’s good if you’re with a lady, but not so good if you’re at The O, with a bunch of dudes in the Gloom.” Amazing scene really…

Tron – pretty sure he sleeps there at night so he doesn’t fartsack
Spanx (R)
Flo Jo
Jewel (Q)

Disclaimer given
COP – mosey style around the track to warm up the legs w/ stops along the track for
Abe Vigodas
Grass grabbers
Tempo Merkins – 10 sec down, 10 sec hold, 10 sec up
Mt Climbers IC
Copperhead Squats IC
Downward Dog/ Runners stretches

Went to the hill past Cogan’s Corner for a simple 7s routine starting at the top…
Lt. Dan’s with Jump Lunges and Jump Squats x 6
Mosey to the bottom
WMDs (wide merkins, merkins, diamond merkins) x1

Finished with enough time for a quick mosey back to the tennis courts for some Mary.
Great work by all this morning.

Never take for granted the opportunity to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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