BB – The Fog at The Poshlands 7.9.22

I recently listened to the JRE w/ Tim Kennedy and checked out his IG where I saw an absolutely disgusting workout… so naturally, I had to bring that to the Gloom, modified of course to fit the 60min allotted timeframe for Saturdays.

Bamboozled PAX
1. Natty Lite
2. Bacon
3. Mountain Momma
4. Jitterbug (R)
5. Double Down (R)
6. Bob Ross
7. Rhythm
8. Offseason 2.0
9. Husky (R)
10. Mr. Roper
11. Jewel

The original weinke for the day was terrible, and I mean terrible. As I drove to the Posh, I decided to call an audible… removing Burpees and Manmakers. Mentally I’m not sure I could have completed those.

Thang – 100 reps of each, then run the loop around the median at the main parking lot.
Overhead Press
Leg Lifts
Big Boys
Step Ups
Coupon Swings

In my humble opinion, the burpees and manmakers would have made this impossible to complete. But since they were removed, most everyone completed the above and the loops, which put us north of 3.25 miles and 1000 reps. Pretty nice little Saturday.

Always an honor and privilege to lead.

SYITG – Jewel

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