BB – Patty Q – The Cliffs at the Garden – 7/12/2022

I woke up this morning pumped and ready to go for this WO at the Garden. We had a high HC count, the weather was perfect, and I got to use Huggies cones to map out my planned WO I created last night while my M was watching the Bachelorette. I turned into the Garden and started to walk off yards for the WO when the PAX started to roll in early (who does that??) with Worm clearly not happy he can’t use his sandbag and quickly figuring out that the “coupon work” was going to be used for murder bunnies. The rest of the group started to pile into the parking lot to get a good stretch and exchange fist bumps. 0530 hit, disclaimer was given, I shared with group this would be my Debut Q at the Garden, but there was no fooling around, as this group was ready to get after it. Away we moseied…

Pax: Huggies, Wide Right, Worm, BigBird, Mountain Momma, Subprime, Husky (R), Dot (R), Jimmy Neutron, Elliptical, Diane Dukes, Wabbits, Snap On, Herbie, Patty (Q)

The mosey was far with a steep uphill climb. Most of the Pax was cool with it but there were a few grumbles of displeasure of an early hill run, but once we landed at our destination all was fine, mumble chatter kicked in, and we circled around the Brick Cross for COP. Exercises included:

  1. Grass Grabbers
  2. Abeigotas (Spelled this wrong)
  3. Runners stretch (R over L, Right/Right, tuck in Right leg, and switch)
  4. Merkins – OMD – 10 count
  5. Arm circles
  6. Michael Phelps
    We took another mosey (mostly downhill) to pick up our conveniently stored Coupons and was ready for the Main Thang.

Main Thang #1: The 40 Yard Dora
The WO was laid out so that we had 4 exercise areas of 40 yards. Each were marked off by cones which made a one-way down yards traveled equal to about 160 yards, with an overall round trip to total out to be about 320 yards (I know that breakdown had to bring back some bad memories of Mrs. Bell’s 5th grade math class… Just me? cool).
Partner 1 did the excessive while partner 2 ran to the farthest cone and back and switched when they connected with their partner. Exercise:

  1. 40 yard Coupon Bear Crawl
  2. 40 yard Rifle Carry
  3. 40 yard Murder Bunnies
  4. 40 yard Walking Curl OR Coupon Lunge (your choice)
    Travel was to the last cone and back. Waited for the six with a plank or exercise of your choice.

Main Thang #2: the Good Ole Fashion Dora WO
We used the same cone structure as before, but the travel for partner 2 was a suicide while partner 1 worked and switched when suicide was complete. Exercise shared between partners:

  1. 50 Burpees
  2. 100 BBS
  3. 150 Merkins
  4. 200 Overhead Claps
    Picked up the six as no man was left behind.

We took one last mosey to the flags and your Q’s time management skills were slacking, so we added a 30 second plank so we hit right at 0615 to finish out.

Count-O-Rama – 15 (no one got lost)
Name-O-Rama- no FNG’s
Announcements- Bear (Huggie’s 2.0) has his VQ next Tuesday, there is also a Ruck in July so check slack
Intentions- those suffering from illness and personal struggle (names were given)
Ended in the Sky Q’s prayer
And we were out.

I wanted to send out a personal “thank you” for the opportunity to WO with this group this morning. When I started F3 earlier this year, I was given the name “Patty” as I come from Irish roots and can grow a sweet red beard, but also that I call St. Patrick’s my 2nd home. The Garden’s AO site is where I work out my #3rdF and am very proud of the name I was given. I am thankful that I get to put 2 feet on the ground and head off into the gloom, but mostly I appreciate the gift F3 has given myself and my family of clean body, mind, and spirit. As Iron Sharpens Iron, I know I am in good company when surrounded by HIM from F3.

Until next time…


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