BackBlast – The Loco at The County 7.12.22

15 brave HIM (1 FNG) fought the fartsack and won this morning. As WILDflower walked up he asked about the workout, told him it was a terrible one, he reminded me that the last time I Q’d there, it was terrible. Good, streak intact.

Weather: Little thick, but not terrible. High 60s.

Playlist: Daily Mix 1 from Spotify – Grateful Dead, Little Feat, Umphrey’s McGee, Phish, Widespread Panic. Perfect to get you in a zone and concentrate on the work ahead.

Double Pump
Bull Lick
Sister Act (FNG)
Brown Water
Double Down (R)
Little Jerry (R)
Lambeau – with a weight vest! Beast mode engaged
Jewel (Q)

Thang: 4 groups of exercises with varying rep counts – 25, 20, 15, 10
25 – Merkins, Lunges, Leg Raises, BOYOS
20 – Wheezy Jefferson’s, HR Merkins, Overhead Press, X-Factors
15 – V-Ups, T-Merkins, Coupon Squats, Skull Crushers
10 – WMDs, Front Raises. Alpos, Manmakers

Great work by all in attendance, especially FNG – Sister Act.

Always humbled and honored to lead.

MTCGA and SYITG – Jewel

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