7-28-2022 Back-Blast – The Bridle at The Stable

First thing – huge props to Viking and Flexseal for spearheading the starfish growth out to Goshen. It was also to join this group today and get to know a bunch of new PAX. The Stable is going to be a big time AO as we move forward (yet another example of the GCA impact on our community…iykyk). Awesome job guys.

The PAX in attendance absolutely got after it this morning (Hush Puppy, Flexseal, Viking, Edward Scissorhands, Maytag, Spam, Lumbergh, HBK, Depends, Man o’ War, Pork Chop, Sewanee, Dauber – Q). We opened with a long lap around the back parking lot before circling up for COP of SSHs, Double-time SSHs, Merkins, Grass Grabbers, and Copperhead Squats. The Main Thang was Manmaker Suicides. We set coupons at one end of the parking lot with three cones evenly spaced out the length of the parking lot. We completed various suicides with different exercises, and every time we returned to the coupons we added 3 Manmakers. Here were the sets…
T-merkins – 30, 20, 10 (followed by a long lap)
4ct Flutter Kicks – 30, 20, 10 (followed by a long lap)
Gallops (followed by a long lap)
4ct American Hammers – 30, 20, 10

We took the last lap together as a group and finished with some Mary before COT – CoR, NoR, announcements, intentions and prayer.

Humbled to lead this morning


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