7/29/22 – The Defender at the Patriot – Meter Maid Q

Looking at the weather the night before, I was worried it might rain but it held off. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do at the Patriot to mix it up.

Right at 5:30AM, a plethora of flags came in and were placed by the Colonel Oldham statute. (When you have as many flags as the do, you can call it a plethora.) I began with the disclaimer and we headed for a quick mosey around the square. There were 11 PAX who beat the fartsack [Colonel Klink, SQL, Bunion, Patty, Malpractice, Ruby (R), Holy Roller (R), Layover, Mannequin, Swingset and Meter Maid (Q)].For COP, YHC opened with a LePew favorite of Good Morning IC, Grass Grabbers IC, Nuclears starting at 5, arm circles and Micheal Phelps OYO.

I asked Holy Roller what we should do as the first exercise…you guessed it Manmakers. It would be 25 manmakers, 25 4-count flutter kicks, 25 derkins and 25 overhead press and then run a lap around the square. Colonel Klink didn’t like the creativity so I had to ratchet it up. The second lap you would carry the coupon on the lap to add some difficulty. While we waited for others to complete, we alternated between dips and incline merkins.

Next up would be a few times up and down Heart Break hill with 5 burpees at the top and bottom of the hill. While waiting for others to finish, we knocked out some LBCs.

When we got close to the flag, we bear crawled back to the flag for Mary. I got creative as the exercises went on. Started with the flutter kick IC. Then moved to preacher sit ups on my up. Then we did pretzel crunches IC and single flutter flutter kicks IC. We completed with elevators until time was called. Great seeing all the sweaty imprints by the statute as everyone recovered.

Then we did COR and NOR. For announcements, we mentioned the F3 on 3 a the County on 8/13. It will start at 6am with team randomly drawn and double elimination. Cool patches for those who participate. Also remember the next Man in the Arena workout on 9/24 at the Patriot. We listed our intention and I led us out in prayer and an Our Father.

Always humbled to lead,

-Meter Maid

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