BB – Patty Q – The Agony at the County -8/4/22

71 degree Thursday morning. 12 Pax + 1 glowing dog rolled in ready to work. 0530 hit, disclaimer was given, FNG was prepped and we started to Mosey

PAX included: DeVitto, Giselle, PCI, Bull Lick, Snuggles, Ladybird , Captain Crunchberry, Dazzler (FNG), Snowden, Octodad, Double Pump, Patty (Q)

WOR- we ran to the church to get in some stretching. We did our typical:

  • SSH
  • Grass Grabbers
  • Abe Vigoda
  • Runners Stretch
  • Arm circles

The mosey was back to the coupons but before we left for the main Thang, we stopped and did an introduction of Ab Nuclears (BBS,LBC,Freddie Mercury, and Flutter starting from 10 working our way down) to the County. Capt. Crunchberry was thrilled to learn about this new exercise and how it felt great to be welcomed back to the gloom! We picked up our coupons and headed to the streets for the Main Thang.

Main Thang: 40 yard Coupon WO

First we started with the travel out to put some hard work racing stripes on the St. Aloysius campus streets. Surprised to see no cars, but these exercises include:

  • Burpee Murder Bunnies – 3 MB/ 2 B- 40 yards
  • Rifle Carry – 40 yards
  • Curl to Overhead press – 40 yards
  • Coupon bear crawls – 40 yards

We were far down the road where the lights don’t shine so bright. So what do we do next? Bring the coupons back! We then exercised with a coupon Suicide using the same layout. HIM carried the coupon to the first 40 mark and ran back to start. Next the Pax ran to the first mark to pick up the coupon and carried it to the next 40 yard mark and ran back. And so on until we were back to the original start. Did we just travel 320 yards with coupons? Yes. A lot of good work was done here and the sweat had completely soaked the shirt in full by this point.

We had a few minutes, so we cut the 11’s WO in half and did a 5’s WO to end on time. WO included – 4 man makers/ 1 BBS and we worked our way down and up on the count and traveled from blue line to blue line in the front parking lot to finish. Crunchberry and our Site Q Decitto gave us a few 10 counts and we all together went back to the flags for COT


COR- 12

NOR- 1 FNG -Dazzeler

Announcements- F3 on 3, Join the #2022BourbonChase channel for training of you are wanting to get back into it, Man In The Arena at the Patriot on Sept. 24th.

Intension- keep praying for my niece Ada and for all those unsaid intentions.

Ended with the Sky Q’s prayer and headed out. Great start to a Thursday and helped us all get ready to take on the day. Thank you all for letting me WO with you this morning and I hope this is the hardest thing you do today.

Remember- “Iron Sharpens Iron” until next time…


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