8.5.22 Back Blast: Wisteria @ Pleasantville

Insta Doodle and I have gotten pretty close over the last couple of months. The first time I met him was at a P’Ville beatdown. Immediately after the workout I go into my gym at work for some EC weightlifting before the workday and this dude comes up to me and says, “weren’t you just at Pleasantville?” Well at zero dark thirty no one looks the same as they do in a brightly lit weight room. I say, “yeah! Are you Insta Doodle?!” Crazy to realize that there is another F3 brother that works at the same place I do and I would find this out a half hour after a workout! He proceeded to tell me that Subprime brought him out a while ago and he had just started getting back out. The rest as they say, is history. Fast forward to this past Tuesday. He had returned from a vacation in Ireland the week prior and I was checking in on him. He said he had been slacking but was ready to get back out and asked where I was going. I’m a day by day type of Bird so I had to check the calendar. In doing so I found out that there was an open Q at Pleasantville and asked him if he wanted to Co-Q, to which he said, “I’m down!” And so it would be that we gave birth to…the “Doodle Bird!” Although at the workout we got renamed to InstaBird…whatever…We would touch base Thursday afternoon to orchestrate it and to my surprise, he already had his part mapped out, to include a crap ton of Man Makers. Good and bad…now I had to figure out what I was going to do. Add to that, the weather was looking a bit dicey and so I was going to have to be creative to figure out how we were both going to use the amphitheater to keep the PAX dry…you know…just in case Jolly Rancher showed up. As mentioned in a previous back blast, sometimes the Sky Q takes care of us and on this day He would come through for us once again to put a halt on the rain. 5 other dudes weren’t scared of the prospect of rain and would show up to see what a Doodle Bird was.

The PAX: Subprime, Virginia Slims, Maytag, Flex Seal, Depends, BigBird (Q), Instadoodle (Q)

0530 and time to get under way. Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey around the Pleasantville loop. Circle up for…

COP: SSH, Pendulums, Toy Soldiers & Imperial Walkers. Insta Doodle was ready to get after it and gave instructions to the PAX for…

Thang 1: 11’s with Man Makers at the top of the amphitheater, go down the steps and do lunges (each leg’s a half). Flex chimed in with exclaiming it was a helluva way to get the workout started and also made mention that he thought Pleasantville was supposed to be “pleasant.” Somehow during all of the awfulness we found a way to cover an array of topics in mumble chatter that would’ve made the Mutters proud. Recover, got in a couple of 10 counts and get ready for…

The next Thang: Your Bird hasn’t thrown out a Tabata lately so I figured today would be a good day to share a little 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for eight rounds of Peter Parker Merkins and Air Presses, switching back and forth for 4 sets of each. Once we were through with that time was still on our side so we went up the stone bench seating for 10 reps of box jumps (all Insta Doodle’s idea) and Dips going “All the Way Up” and then all the way back down. Recover. Had a couple of minutes for Mary where Doodle would lead us in 4 count BBSU’s, Depends had us doing American Hammers and Maytag finished us off with some Elevators.

Time was called and we would head up to the steps to the flag. Well, the flag wasn’t there because I think Subprime said he still had to get it back from Ed or something like that. Good thing that Virginia Slims is the consummate Site Q and always carries his in his car ready for such an occasion. Blink your eyes and there it was firmly planted in the soil. Slims is quick…

Circled up for COR, NOR & COT. Prayed for our boys doing the Go Ruck Tough and the Tough Mudder this weekend. Insta Doodle gave thanks for this group of men and sent us out with an Our Father. Thanks boys for making it out!

Until next time…

BigBird and Insta Doodle

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