BackBlast 8.11.22 – Cloverfield – Jewel Q

I try to not reuse Qs… but every once in a while there’s a weinke that is just too good to not try again… especially when you called an audible on the original plan the first time. Yesterday, we stuck to the original plan… much to our demise.

EZ Pass
Mountain Mama
Natty Lite
Wet Bandit
Edward Scissorhands
Husky :respect:
Diane Dukes
Tin Can
Jewel – Q

Disclaimer and COP consisted of lots of mumblechatter- SSH, Downward Dog, Tempo Merkins, Abe Vigodas..pretty standard really

The Thang: The Hateful Hundred – I saw this from a Tim Kennedy post, and thought I would modify to fit the gloom. It sucked, like really sucked and I cursed myself for not modifying, but man did the PAX just put there heads down and get after it- hard to not be inspired by men knowingly hating something but refusing to quit and just get after it.
Back to the Thang… 100 reps of each exercise – run up the Hill of Stolen Souls to the dumpster and back.
Squats w/ coupon
Overhead Press
Big Boys
Manmakers – not surprisingly, only Catfish made it to the manmakers, but even he probably ‘only’ did 20.

Circled up for announcements and intentions. Need to get on the fundraising for the Suicide Prevention Walk. Check 3rd F channel on slack for details. Let’s make a difference!

Always humbled at the opportunity to lead!

SYITG – Jewel

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