8-16-2022 Back Blast – The Loco @ The County

Overall a solid morning at The County (To quote Abacus…”Dauber – it was a pretty ok workout”). I’ll take it!

We had 13 PAX (Cochran, Bulletin, Abacus, Crockpot, Meter Maid, Valdez, WILDflower, Brown water, Little Jerry, Sputnik, PCI, Wiche, Dauber) and luckily one of them (thanks Bulletin) brought a speaker to bail me out which kept the workout firmly in the “Abacus ok range”. I wanted to try a little different spin on Dora by having us work in teams as opposed to just pairs…I think it worked out ok. Here is what we did…

Mosey followed by COP to warm up. We then split into two groups for the “Team Dora”. One team ran a loop around the church while the other team was doing the exercises together in cadence…alternate per a normal Dora. Exercises were:
100 4ct merkins
200 copperhead squats
300 4ct Flutter Kicks

My team wrapped up the flutter kicks a little early so we did some SSH waiting for Team 2, then did another partial loop around The County with some quick stops for Freddie Mercury’s and BBSU. We returned to the flag for Mary then wrapped up with COT.

Yup…a pretty ok workout indeed

  • Dauber

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