BB: The Minutemen @ The Patriot – Furdays Q (8/15/22)

Having just Q’d a few days back, I struggled with exactly what I wanted to do for this Q. I sat there Sunday for maybe an hour thinking about some creative game we could play, fun workout or something innovative and then it hit me that we have Man in the Arena next month and it would be a great dry run to really focus in on those workouts.

For those who didn’t make Man in the Arena pt. 1, it is an F3 style PT test put on by Mannequin, Colonel Klink, and Focker (believe Snaggletooth & Rip Van Winkle help as well). But the concept is simple. Have a standardized test every three months that you receive a score on, and a way to measure yourself against yourself so you can see if you are improving. (PART II on September 17th)

I certainly take zero credit for the day’s workout, but was glad 17 PAX showed up for the BD.



Mosey to the F3 Pavilion

2 Minutes of T Merkins

2 Minutes of Thrusters

Partner Plank + Man in the Arena Shuttle Run

(Man in the arena shuttle run consists of sprint, farmer carry, bernie sanders, rifle carry, sprint)

1/2 mile run

5 (variation of a 7 or 11) – with burpees and big boys

Mary to finish


Having not slept Sunday night, I definitely struggled through the T merkins, and definitely the thrusters. For me, very difficult for those to be back to back and the first thing you do on a Monday morning. I do think though I held my plank for 1 minute plus (only managed 45 seconds @ MITA), and did my half mile in 4:20 which was a whole minute faster than my MITA time (thank you Honeycomb for pushing me).



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