BB – Patty Q – Moonshiner at the Boondocks – 8/18/2022

The Boondocks in the Gloom is always a great spot to get better. Rolling up to the parking lot, the weather was perfect and 8 PAX showed up to get things going. 0530 hit and disclaimer was given, and we were ready to Mosey.

Pax- Dauber, Swag, Backflop, Virginia Slims, SOS, Sputnik, Bulletin (R), Patty (Q)

Warm Up:

Mosey was around the park and we circled up for a stretch. Started with…

  • Grass Grabbers
  • Imperial Walkers (that turned into Hill Billy Walkers with a 11 count)
  • Some random guy pulled in and asked where the baseball fields were, got back in his truck and parked 100 yards away. Was pretty weird, but we move on. Was this foreshadowing for the rest of the WO? Maybe.
  • Abe Vigotas
  • Runners stretch
  • Merkin – OMD – x10
  • Michael Phelps/ arm circle to loosen up.

After a very unorthodox warm up, it was time to stick to the plan and head to the ball park with our new friend for the main WO.

EMO2M intervals.

The layout was set up with 2 exercise spots 50 yards apart. The Pizza Box Weinkie showed a series of exercises with a 2 minute Tabata timer. Each PAX would exercise and as the 2 minute mark went off, we would travel to the 2nd spot and pick up the count of the exercise. After the next 2 minute mark, we would travel back – and so on. Once the count is complete the PAX would travel around the baseball field to complete the exercise and move on to the next. Exercises were:

  • 50 Burpees – 1 lap
  • 100 Gas Pumps – 2 laps
  • 50 jump squats – 3 laps

Front runners did a OYO workout while the rest finished up the laps. And we would start round 2 together with the same layout and different exercises. YHC under appreciated the Kraken Burpee and we had to adjust. Round 2 exercise:

20 Kraken Burpees – 1 lap

This exercise showed to take some time and we made sure we all competed, ran the lap, and headed back to the flags for COT.

As the Q, you always are “free to lead” and sometimes it goes right and sometimes it doesn’t. I appreciate the group working hard no matter the circumstance or mishap. A key ingredient in a HIM is grit and always striving to get better, and with today’s tough line up, this group did just that. Thank you for letting me give this thing a shot.


COR – 8


Announcements – iron Pax coming up, 9/11 Ruck coming, Virginia Slims with the Q on Friday at the Patriot, SOS with a job Interview coming up

Intentions – prayed for those that have passed and the people around them. May they find guidance during the grieving process and remember the happy memories and the legacy those who passed left for others. You are an important person to those around you, always remember that! Ended with the Sky Q’s Prayer.

Until next time… SYITG


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