BB – Patty Q – Avenger at the Patriot

Saturday WO’s at the Patriot are so cool. You start a little later, so it give you the chance to see the LaGrange community in action. Vendors setting up for the Farmers market, sunrise over the train tracks, Boss Hog doing coupon curls even though we didn’t call for coupons, and a Holy Roller strolling up the Main Street sidewalk with his backpack coupon holder – all sites you must encounter at least once in your life. This morning though, it felt like it was a special morning…

Before we started, a few Pax got a few miles in before the WO. Xerox, Mannequin, Ferb, and I explored the ground running out to Commerce Parkway and back for a 45 minute run. A few had to dip out, a few stayed. 0700 hit, disclaimer was given, and off we went.

Pax – Holy Roller (R), Layover, Mannequin, Boss Hog (R), Furdays, Patty (Q)

Grass Grabbers
Hill Billy Walkers
10 burpees OYO
Hill Billy Walkers
Runners stretch
10 merkins – OMD x10
Hamstring stretch
10 burpees OYO
Mosey to Parking lot

Thang # 1 – 4 Corners (Together)

  • BB 5-10-15-20
  • Merkin 5-10-15-20
  • Flutter Kicks 5-10-15-20
  • Burpee 5-10-15-30

Mosey to city place for Thang #2

Thang #2 – The Beep Test
The layout – 2 sets of Cones lined up 20 meters apart. Beep test will go off in intervals and slowly speed up for each cycle/stage. Exercise is simple, go until you miss the “Beep” on two back to back cones and you are done for that stage. Rest or plank until you can get back in rotation. We would end up doing 10 stages.

Our British DJ started the test and Beeps started beeping. Of course at first it seemed okay, but the longer we were in it, the harder it got. We started dropping like flys and stage 6 was the breaking point. Best part… the Pax never gave up, encouraged the other runners, and we finished the goal. Good to be in the presence of HIM.

Thang #3 – Man in the Arena training – Plank until you can’t plank no more.

We held strong, pushed each other, Boss Hog was doing 1 arm planks, but Holy Roller put us all to shame with a 7 minute plank. I believe he is ready for 9/17. We wrapped up, and Boss Hog had us sprint back to the flags for the last 7 minutes of Mary.

Thang #4 Mary

  • Layover – Elevator
  • Mannequin- Copper head Squats (IC)
  • Furdays – 25 dips OYO
  • Boss hog – Bear crawl down the sidewalk and Bernie Sanders back
  • Holy Roller – WMD (OMD)

And we were done.


COR- 6


Announcements – 9/11 Ruck, October Ruck with Focker, Man in the Arena 9/17

Intentions – CoT of a smaller groups allows for more personal intentions and stories of what we as men struggle with. Continue to pray for all fathers and men to continue to be the light in the world and good examples to others that look up to them.

Good morning all around. Happy Saturday!


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