08/25/22 Back Blast -Slide Rule Q School @ The Big Kapowski

The bell rang and we were in session as the last of the pax scuffled in. Started out by reiterating the importance of giving a disclaimer as Q and taking note of any FNGs to keep tabs on during the workout. We then moseyed w/ coupon to the east end of Bayside. As we settled in with plank, Downward dog, and foot to hand stretching the first of five alarms went off. It was time to introduce one wrinkle that can be thrown in to any Q. alarm to perform an exercise every __minutes can keep the pax on their toes and achieve grumbles. On this day we used the concept to drill in the core principles of F3. Each time the alarm went off 10 thrusters were completed, In Cadence. One core principle was spoken as the cadance (Example: FREE-OF-CHARGE-ONE, FREE-OF-CHARGE-TWO, etc.) The others were OPEN TO MEN, ALWAYS OUT DOORS, ALWAYS PEER LED, and CIRCLE OF TRUST.

Thang 1: We moseyed to the courtyard and began a set of jack webb with Merkins (up to 10) and Shoulder taps (up to 40). Thankfully Birdie talked sense into me not doing the shoulder taps IC:)

Thang 2: 4 Station Coupon Circuit – Station 1 (15) bicep curl, Station 2 (15) Upright rows, Station 3 (15) Tricep extensions, Station 4 (15) Squats.

Thang 3: Tabata. Bench press for 1 minute, 10 secs off. then started Mary Tabata: Flutter kicks, Freddy Mercury, and Dead bug same 1 min on 10 secs off.

Ended with CIRCLE OF TRUST. Always good to slow things down a little bit. I’m not great at talking and pushing so I hope this back blast helps clarify what I attempted to communicate during the Workout. At the end of the day your job as Q is to help others get better, especially by building them up when they are struggling. Cheers! -Slide Rule

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