Back-Blast 08-27-2022 Q School at The Nest @ The County

3 seconds.  If you were wondering…it was 3 seconds into my Q before Pelican broke his silence.  And really that is being generous…it might have only been 2 seconds and the only reason it wasn’t immediate was Meter Maid wouldn’t take a freaking breath as he seemed to talk through the entirety of my Q school.  Overall, I received a LOT of feedback throughout the workout.  Most of it verbal and blunt, but also a healthy dose of Bulletin’s disapproving stares which in general keep me in line.

PAX: PeliCan, metermaid, LamBeau, bAck flop, BrownWaTer, Kittylitter (R), buLLetin (R), deVITTO, TOOTS, momSuit, sPutnik, cRaTcHiT, GiselE, bigbiRd, glo wst icks, honeydO, Dau Ber (Q)

I put a decent amount of planning into the workout.  I wanted to make sure to cover the most important aspects of F3…basically that we should follow the 5 core principles and other than that everything else is fine (no matter what anyone tells you).  At the same time I thought it was important to point out a few things that are important, if not essential, to Qing a good workout.  I was careful not to say all the “other ways” of doing things are wrong, even when they clearly are.  But…at the end of the day, follow the 5 core principles and nothing else matters.  But don’t say “in cadence” if you are going to do a single count exercise. 

But other than that, the 5 core principles are key.

So…we started with a reminder to put out a pre-blast and we dissected the disclaimer…not a core principle but it is important.  A short mosey to the front lot for COP (no rules, but we talked about the right way to call out the exercises…it’s not hard).

Back to the back lot for the first thang – UvU Tabata (true UvU)
All agreed there are no restrictions or limitations on how you setup tabata – any work duration, rest duration, number of sets, etc.  Anything goes.  I’m not a big fan of tabata but it is a true UvU where no one is going to count your reps and you won’t see where you are vs another PAX…it’s up to you.  We did a great tabata of 46 sec exercise / 27 sec rest, 3 sets some exercises, 2 sets of others, 4 cycles / exercises: OH Press, Squats, American Hammers, Curls.

second thang – UvU 11s (UvU but some push/challenge with other PAX…anything where you see other PAX progress).  We did Merkins and 4ct flutter kicks.

third thang – Dora (Partner / Team work…more accountability and push)
100 BO Rows
200 BBSUs / crunches
300 SSH

We ended with a little Mary…again, there really are no rules so we did some core work and Lambeau called for BOYOs. 

We circled the flag for COT and that’s a wrap on Q School Week.

I had a blast.  Love you guys.


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