8.31.22 PB The Tank @ Vets Huey Q

It’s time again for another bombastic, rambunctious, down right preposterous pre blast. Enjoy

T’was the night before my first post, and all in my head

was how to possible get out of this, and stay in bed.

The fartsack was full with I and my M,

The 2.0s as asleep as the could have been.

When from my phone arose such a blare

and I thought, 5 a.m.? It can’t possibly be near.

I pranced to my car, fastening my belt

and left home to work out, no matter how I felt.

Arriving at vets, unware of what’s to come,

I’m greeted before our gloom filled fun.

What followed hooked me instantly,

And so consequently,

I perspired, grunted and bellowed

Until we joined the circle of trust and mellowed.

From that moment on, I knew I must return

So join me at vets and we will burn,

our calories in the gloom.

Coupons are required, that I’d assume.

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