BB The Hawk’s Nest – Huey Q 6/1/2023

Five HIMs aggregated round the viridescent cloth carpeted poker table that was the gloom to receive their preordained beat down, dispensed from the F3 workout deck provided by YHC. With coupons in hand, used for the purchase of their buy in, the cards were dealt, one by one. While diligently shuffled, assiduously cut, the deckContinue reading “BB The Hawk’s Nest – Huey Q 6/1/2023”

Back Blast The Hawk’s Nest – Huey Q 5/25/2023

Ladders are for reaching the precipice, for climbing to the zenith. With each rung, every elevating step, we move closer to our goal. As I climbed the ladder into the Hawks Nest this morning, I brought with me three other men, leaving none of them where I had found them and in turn, they movedContinue reading “Back Blast The Hawk’s Nest – Huey Q 5/25/2023”

Pre-Blast Huey Q @ The Hawk’s Nest 5.25.23

A hawk nest is a place of new birth, exhumed from calcium crusted cocoons, begging for nourishment, shrieking for sustenance. While safe in the thatch woven habitat and well fed, the younglings are thrust into a new world, cast out of the comfort of a fortified perch, thrown off into the air, fastidiously falling toContinue reading “Pre-Blast Huey Q @ The Hawk’s Nest 5.25.23”

Back Blast – 3/17/23 The Chopper @ Vets Huey Q

The Ace of Spades, the Queen of Hearts, that is when the tear drops start. The thousands of arm circles, the dozens of burpees, all brought forth by chance. You might say the luck of the Irish was with us this morning as we drew card after card from our stacked deck of workouts. ThereContinue reading “Back Blast – 3/17/23 The Chopper @ Vets Huey Q”

PB -“Stacked Deck” The Chopper at Vets 3/17/23 Huey Q

A gambler once posited that you’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run. Moments in life can sometimes cause us to feel as if the deck is stacked against us, tomorrow I guarantee that it will be. Join me for TheContinue reading “PB -“Stacked Deck” The Chopper at Vets 3/17/23 Huey Q”

BB 8.10.22 The Foundry @ The County Huey Q

Strike while the iron is hot. No two men may have set forth on their morning ritual in quite the same manner. Not all men might have traversed the mine field of the Snyder pre-dawn. Not all needed to evade the stationary locomotive blockading the convenient entrance to The Foundry. All who did eventually arriveContinue reading “BB 8.10.22 The Foundry @ The County Huey Q”

8.3.2022 Back Blast The Range @ The Patriot Huey Q

The journey began with the navigation of the rickety Gene Snyder. Dodging potholes whilst the rhythmic thundering of a scornful pavement below bellowed throughout my Camry, I neared the La Grange exit. Swinging into the designated Patriot Parking I rubbed my weary optics, still crusty with morning dew, and peered past the shadows, fixating onContinue reading “8.3.2022 Back Blast The Range @ The Patriot Huey Q”

8-3-22 Pre-Blast The Range @ The Patriot Huey Q

Being a Marine, I appreciate a good looking man in uniform, even one consisting mostly of bronze. The inspiration gleaned from the stoic gaze of the Colonel, standing watch over our toils is unparalleled, except perhaps by the ghostly glow of the memorial at Vets. Thus, the core of my excitement in returning once moreContinue reading “8-3-22 Pre-Blast The Range @ The Patriot Huey Q”