9.22.22 Pre Blast – The Temple of Gloom at the O: BigBird Q

Its funny how our F3 names are a piece of who we are. And sometimes, the more that time goes on the more you somehow relate and take ownership over your name. Viking knows what I’m talking about. Bunghole, Eye Booger, Mom Suit and Tramp Stamp…I can’t speak for you. And Toots…well, he still doesn’t know how she got his name except that Bacon had been waiting for a long…long time to give that to a new guy….

Well, funny, but I used to watch Sesame Street ALL THE TIME as a kid and it probably played a big part in shaping who I am today. So, even though that had nothing to do with my naming convention, I’ve come to appreciate it, own it and on some occasions may even be seen sporting a bright yellow, curly haired wig. Well, during one episode of Sesame Street it was opposite day. In paying homage to that day we will relive a childhood memory….Tomorrow will be easy…we will not work hard…we will need coupons (seriously guys it’s opposite day…leave them at home), and you will leave feeling completely useless, not ready at all to slap your Thursday in the face.

Come Fly With Me…

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