09/22/2022 BB IPC Week 3 2022 – The Big Kapwoski – Slide Rule Proctor

We had great weather for what was a challenging weinke. Review we had 9 pax attend IPC week 3 at The Big Kapwoski. A few papers were blown in the wind since the proctor did not bring paper weights with him (Oops). One of the pax spilled merlot while pushing himself to the limits…Then came back and apologized! There was significant mumblechatter to complain about my soul jams. Personally I was kind of unhappy with the random playlist that I used. It gradually got slower and softer, the opposite of what you want. The best of workout was when Sadie quietly asks “is that guy an FNG?” to which I reply “No, you would know if you were actually coming”. Always fun to have some banter.

We had a good crew though of: Ruby(R), Birdie, Subprime, Instadoodle, Friendly Fire, Sadie, Stick Up, Eye Bugger, Slide Rule. Those who stuck around after time circled up and we lifted up Borland and his mission trip to Cuba, also Sergent Hulka’s M. Good times…Cheers! -Slide Rule

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