9.9.22 Way Back Blast: The Chopper @ Vets

A little behind on this one but I promised Lockbox I would get it out. The days are long, the years are short and in the F3 world two weeks is an eternity. That said, it’s strange how I struggle to remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I have no trouble remembering the hard work that my brothers put in with me nearly 14 days ago.

PAX: Ladybird (R), Vincent (R), SGT Hulka (R), Stick Up, Lockbox, Bombay, BigBird (Q)

As we circled up and I looked around at our small group of men, I knew that these were dudes eager to get after it. Jawing mumble chatter wasn’t important to them on this day. These were guys hungry to work hard and earn their weekend. Conveniently, with a half a day’s notice I was able to cook up a wienke that would give them just what was needed.

Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey, once slow around the monument and once at a much faster pace. We got back into our circle and did some COP stuff. Following that we did four exercises, 35 seconds each to the tune of one of a Bird’s favorite songs.

Recover and felt inclined to share a taste of the Iron PAX with my Jeffersonville brethren. Going around the monument we would Bear Crawl, Native American style, to the halfway point. Once there we would turn around and Crawl Bear the rest of the way. Now, I don’t know how many of you out there know Lockbox but he is a funny, witty dude. And in one remark as we worked to recover, sucking wind, he stated what now seems to be obvious, “instead of Crawl Bears wouldn’t it make more sense to call them “Bear-nie Sanders?” I definitely think he’s on to something and think we should campaign to F3 Nation for an Exicon update.

Next we would partner up and while one partner ran the oval monument the other would do as many reps of an exercise until his partner returned. Exercises: Merkins, Jump Lunges and Burpees. We would carry on like this for 3 rounds each.

Recover and had just enough time for a bit of Mary before 0615. The most amazing thing to me on this day was learning that of the 5 songs that were played, Ladybird hadn’t heard of a one of em and definitely didn’t have it on his 500,000 song play list. I take that as a job well done.

Awesome job to these men who beasted through this workout with me!

Until next time…


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