9.22.22 Back Blast: Temple of Gloom @ The O

Handbook sweet talked me into this one. For your Bird, it don’t take much but I believe the two words “amazing” and “leader” were put together. I don’t know about that but how can one say no when found being held in such high regard? Besides, I was going somewhere on Thursday morning; why not add an extra 15 minutes to my commute and work alongside some veterans, some well on their way veterans and some newer guys on this, the first official day of fall.

As I approach the flag and and take the Tailgater to the tennis courts I had to commend Handbook for using his site Q powers to have the lights turned on at the tennis courts. And I do mean all of the lights…on all of the tennis courts! Good news: we can see what we’re doing. Not so good news: now we know what each other really looks like outside of the darkness. I go to get setup and place the Tailgater at our usual tennis court spot when a dude comes up to me and says, “Is this where that F3 thing takes place?” I confirm with him that it is and just to be sure he isn’t DR I ask him his name. When he says “Chad” and reaches out his hand for a handshake instead of a fist bump, I know at this moment know that he’s a FNG. From the tennis courts to the flag we have a brief discussion on who brought him out, what he does and most importantly, what COT is and when it gets to you…say you are a FNG and don’t try to give yourself a name!!! I would later find out that Finkle HL’d him and let me tell you, the milkshake is already strong with this guy. I’d venture to say that 80% of the recent new guys out at the O showed up because of this newer guy’s silver tongue EHL capability. Watch out for this up and comer!

As 0530 came upon us I had to yell at Wiggle to get a move on as he had come in hot but was slow moving to the circle. Disclaimer was given and off we would go for a mosey around and to the tennis courts. In poor form I failed to do a count off but if I did I would find 13 other dudes out with me on this fine morning.

PAX: Spanx (R), Corduroy(R), Tron, Flo Jo, Alfalfa, Timber, Duff, Wiggle, Rebar (FNG), Fruity Pebbles, Bob Ross, Dr. Seuss, Handbook, BigBird Q.

COP: SSH, Grass Grabbers, Hillbilly Squat Walkers, Runners Stretch with some calf stretching, while in plank position finished us off with some Mountain Climbers and Plank Jacks. Next I decided for a little fun to kick us off and to let our FNG know how you’re supposed to start a workout. As my preblast made mention of one of my favorite childhood shows, YHC decided to shoulder tap for the entirety of the Sesame Street intro song. With your Bird, IYKYK and if you don’t you be like WTF?! After some laughs, jeers and head scratches off we would go to Briar Hill Rd for opposite day.

Thang 1: split up our group in half. Half would Bernie Sander up one side to a certain point and the other half would go up the other side with a return mosey back to the middle. Once we met back in the middle we would switch to the other side. We would carry on like this for 10 rounds. Bob Ross was carrying on a normal, unwinded conversation, Spanx had no quit and Timber and Fruity Pebbles were loving it, barking at everyone else to keep pushing. It was pretty bada$$. Recover and head back to the tennis courts for…

Thang 2: Four corners – Corner 1 10 Burpees – Bear Crawl to the middle and 10 Merkins. Mosey back and on to the next corner. Corner 2 – 10 Jump Squats – Bear Crawl to the middle and 10 Merkins. Mosey back and on to the next corner. Corner 3 – 10 Groiners – Bear Crawl to the middle and 10 Merkins. Mosey back and on to the next corner. 4th Corner – 10 BBSU’s – Bear Crawl to the middle and 10 Merkins. Mosey back and rinse and repeat until leaving 3 minutes for Mary. Alfalfa beasted through it making it look easy, Tron enjoyed my sick beats and was glad he turned his LC into a HC, Flo Jo showed us all how we do things in The ‘Nati and Handbook was the consummate Site Q hanging with “the 6.”

Recover and head back to the flag for COT. Chad stepped into the middle told us about himself and we all agreed that Dr. Seuss’s recommendation to name him Rebar was the best option. We made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. This day was special day for your Bird because I got to witness the magic that the O has been producing lately and got to meet the next era of HIM in Timber, Fruity Pebbles, Wiggle, Dr. Seuss, Duff and Corduroy. Good work men! Keep coming out, keep accelerating and keep getting better! Closed us out with some words of thanks to the Sky Q for all of our blessings.

Until next time…


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