10.4.22 Back Blast: the Loco @ The County

You know how when you were a kid you used to love having sleepovers at your friend’s house? As fun as it usually was, in the words of Judy Garland’s Dorothy, “there’s no place like home.” I feel like this in our little F3 Louisville Nation. I love getting out and about, reconnecting with and making friends and experiencing the energy at each different AO. But there is something to be said about being home; not just with your boys but with your family. What’s more, when you have the pleasure of taking the Q at your home AO, there’s a sense of calm that comes about (for me anyway). You know them and they know you. If they show up they already know some of what to expect. There may be Tabata. There may be a goofy song that we have to workout to. We may have to once more do an EMOM using the 1958 monkey bar set for pull ups. Whatever is the case, you are home and they will show up for you, work hard with you and love you for who your are. Your Bird was fortunate to have these fine men and Pelican join me on this day:

The PAX: Jitterbug (R), Storm Trooper, Snack Shack, Snowden, Crock Pot, Mom Suit (not Man Suit), Pelican, Abacus, BigBird (Q)

0527ish and I’m stoked to see Storm Trooper in attendance! We look at each other, do our on purpose, awkward fist bump and realize that we are near doppelgangers on this day. Same gray shorts and same long sleeve blue County shirt. As more PAX roll in blue seemed to be the color of the day as more PAX were wearing blue long sleeves than were not. Pelican and Snowden were channeling their inner Johnny Cash, sporting all black and Jitterbug, in rare form, was not wearing his black F3 Shirt (for most of the workout anyway). Abacus saunters in (wearing blue) and we are sure that he is there by mistake, possibly missing the runners that were just getting ready to take flight. After all, it’s an 80/20 that there will be some Tabata with your Bird at the helm. As I look around at today’s crew I was given confidence that today was going to be a good day.

Disclaimer was given and off we would mosey with our coupons to drop them off at island 1. Mosey to the lot behind the chapel where we would get in some COP stuff: SSH, Grass Grabbers and Abe Vagodas…or was it Toy Solders…Well the Q would call out one but started in with the other. Pelican, having been given a gift, wasted no time in letting everyone know that the mistake had been made and that the Q’s “professionalism” should be taken in to question. As you have to do with Pelican, don’t try to defend yourself but rather, just acknowledge and just move on. So we did and finished with some runners stretch stuff.

Recover and head to the top lot for 3 sets. On one end 20 Mountain Climbers (single count – apparently means something different to Jitterbug), run to the other end and 20 single count Plank Jacks. As mentioned R & R for three sets. As the consummate HIM that Crockpot is he went to check on Snack Shack to make sure he found his way back to us.

Recover and head back to the island for The Main Thang: Murder Bunny from one island to the other. Once at the other end, start on our ladder. 5 Burpees, mosey back to the start, 15 Merkins and Bernie Sanders back. The Traveling and Merkins would be same throughout (minus the Murder Bunnies) and the exercises at one end would be 5 Burpees, 10 Thrusters, 15 Skull Krushers, 20 Curlz and 25 Squats. Once we arrived at the top of the ladder we would climb our way back down. With 5 minutes to spare PAX were sure we wouldn’t have to Murder Bunny anymore but in the context of “we don’t get up for easy,” YHC would have us stop where we were and Murder Bunny back to the start. I thought we would have about a minute or so for Mary but PAX would have nothing of it, slowly returning coupons back to their respective vehicles. We moved to circle up around the flags with the runners (Dauber, Little Jerry (R), Valdez and Focker) returning from their morning jaunt to join us in a little COT.

Made some announcements and lifted up our intentions. Thanked the Sky Q for this group of men and for allowing us to use our bodies to come out and do something difficult in the pursuit of becoming more better gooder. Thanks boys for making it out!

Until next time…


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