BB Pizza at The Majestic Fog 10/8/2022

9 HIM’s chose to get better this morning. Bit nipply… but, we all avoided the fart sack like champions and got better. We started with SSH, Toy Soldiers, Slow curls up, Slow curls down and then 50 of what I am now coining “pizza pickers” in cadence because Worm and Lambeau have signature moves and well dang it… I want my own!

We moved into laps around the parking lot filled with shuffles and burnies.

We then began the traveling class around the egg lawn with a side of coupon moseys. We traveled about .2 miles, did a workout, and traveled some more, worked out some more – Rinse and repeat. Stations included:

Man Makers

Coupon Grabbers

Coupon Squats

Weighted Big Boys


Flutter Kicks

We then did a coupon mosey back to the main parking lot where a DJ had set up for an upcoming race. We did more laps around the parking lot while listening to cotton eyed joe. Next up… 13’s thanks to our fearless Site-Q Bacon! Manmakers to Jump Squats.

We finished with a marry that included a DOUBLE DOSE OF FREDDY MERCURY’S, pickle pounders, x factors, v-ups and… gas pumps.

Count-o-rama, Name-o-rama, welcomed FNG Wax On!

Annoucements. Intentions.

Challenged HIM’s to RAKit (random act of kindness). Buy someone else a coffee, etc. and report completion of the task to Slack.

Let’s hope this is the toughest thing you have to do today. You’re never too important to be nice to people.

10 Second Silent Prayer

YHC – Pizza

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