Back Blast – Baptizer at the Garden – 10/07/2022

I’m a few days late already, so will make this one brief…

PAX – Natty Lite, Sump Pump (R), Viking, DeVitto, Handbook, Finkle, EZ Pass, Jewel and Jolly Rancher (Q)

Time was called and disclaimers provided. We did some quick COP which included the normal fanfare of SSHs, Grass Grabbers, Toy Soldiers, Downward Dog / Runner Stretches and Copperhead Squats. After being all warm and cozy now, we set out for a quick mosey to the middle of the large parking lot and dropped a coupon for those that brough it and then went to the dumpster to get coupons for those that didn’t bring them.

Thang 1 – Modified 11s:

Curls on one side and skull crushers on the other. Twist was we did the curls, rifle carried the coupons to the right side of the lot, did the skull crushers, and then rifle carried back to the middle. Then, we ran to the opposite side of the lot and back to the coupons. All of that was one round of the 10s and 1s. Then we continued with 9s and 2s and onward until 1s and 10s.

Thang 2 – Modified 777s:

Ran to opposite side of the lot and did some 777s. Here, we did 7 merkins, ran to the middle for 7 BBSUs, then opposite side of the lot for 7 more merkins, to the middle for 7 BBSUs and then 7 more merkins at the starting spot. We did that twice.

We rinse and repeated the above but switched to squats…and the ones in the middle were weighted with the coupons.

We then returned the borrowing coupons and back to the flag for some Mary.


Here is where things went awry. I started with my normal of Gas Pumps. And then went to my left and each PAX picked their own exercise to lead. It went well until I realized we were running short on time. So, Finkle was third to last and after he went I opted to skip Handbook [he’s already a pro] and went to EZ Pass to wrap us up. And, he of course picked burpees. So, we went 44-minutes of the workout without burpees and he ruined it at the very end. I think Handbook must have recommended it only for me skipping him.

Begrudgingly, we all did our work and time was called.


Countarama, namerama, announcements and intentions.

Always a pleasure to lead – even at The Garden!

Jolly Rancher out!

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