Back Blast “12 Laps of Christmas” 29-Nov-2022 Tuesday the Loco at the County 05:30 Crock Pot Q

PAX: 22

(I definitely reminisced about the Loco back in 2018/2019, where we routinely hit 25+)
Honey Do
Snack Shack
Nat Geo (R)
Brown Water
Ladybird (R)
Meter Maid
Bulletin (R)
Double Pump
Kitty Litter (R)
Big Bird
Jitterbug (R)
Crock Pot (Q)

39 deg F, 93% RH. Windy, but not as bad as forecasted to be honest.

YHC is not a professional, nor has he received any certification or training. Everything Q says is merely a suggestion. You as a PAX are here voluntarily on your own free will. This will likely be a high intensity exercise, so if you have any medical condition or physical limitation, you should consider not participating. You are encouraged to modify everything as necessary according to your ability, disability, injury, fitness level, etc.

Warm Up:
SSH (IC): x15
Slooow Grass Grabbers (IC): x10
Hold L ankle: 10 count
Hold R ankle: 10 count
Downward Dog: 10 count
Cobra: 10 count
Kendra Newman front: 10 count & back: 10 count
Michael Phelps: 10 count
Imperial Walker (IC): x10
Toy Soldier (IC): x10
SSH @ 1.5x speed (IC): x15

Thang: 12 Laps of Christmas
There were four defined loops, each with a starting exercise and a mode of motion. On lap one, do 10 reps of the exercise then hit the loop. On lap 2, do 20 reps of the exercise and loop it. On lap 3, do 30 reps and loop.

For my mathematically challenged brethren… 3 of each of 4 loops equals the 12 Laps of Christmas. For my musically challenged brethren… the 12 Laps of Christmas is a play on the famous song “12 Days of Christmas”.

Red Loop:
Squat (10 – 20 – 30)
Bear Crawl

Green Loop:
4-ct Mountain Climber (10 – 20 – 30)
Bernie Sanders the straights, walk the turns

Blue Loop:
Merkin (10 – 20 – 30)
Carioca the straights, walk the turns

Yellow Loop:
4-ct Box Cutter (10 – 20 – 30)

We finished with 12 BOYOs.

YHC requested the help of the PAX who are yet to do their VQ. So, like pros, Audible, PCI, Snowden, Snack Shack, and Nat Geo threw down a cadence call for a 4-count Mary exercise.

Check the 3rd F channel for details on Dare to Care
Cash for Trash Ruck is at the County Sunday Dec 4

Today’s Q was Christmas themed, so YHC thought it was only appropriate to quote one of the world’s foremost holiday poets… the Grinch:

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas, perhaps, means something more.”

This is a cool time of year. Regardless of who or what you worship, whether you celebrate or not, even the grumpiest of folks become generous and more positive from now until the end of the year. And we need it.

Even though it’s a secular tale, this attitude shift is what the Grinch was talking about.

But Christmas isn’t always easy. It often brings high highs of generosity and spirit, but it can also bring the low lows of celebrating without loved ones. Regardless, YHC encourages you to make a concentrated effort to take your spirit, demeanor, and generosity up a bit from now until the end of the calendar year. Once again, it’ll be a blessing to someone, and we need it.

Ann Petty as she continues to march through chemotherapy like a boss.

NakedMan Moleskin:
The end of the Q was something I made up on the fly. I didn’t execute it great (at first), and I caught Audible hardcore off-guard (sorry dude), but I wanted to get the PAX who had not yet Q’ed a workout yet to call out the Mary exercises.

So, I called out the exercise, commanded the starting position, called the first two reps, and let them finish from there. Sometimes a guy just needs to have the ball passed to him to give him the urge to take a shot. Today, they at least got a shot.

Also, much love to my neighborhood’s HOA for providing the landscaping rocks that held my paper signs in place today (the forecast included some wind). Your entrance landscaping didn’t miss them while they were gone, and I made sure to return them. Your sponsorship will likely be a recurring one, whether you like it or not.

Until next meal,
Crock Pot

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