12.1.22 Pre Blast: The Big Kapowski @ Bayside – BigBird Q

A star, a star, a wonderful bright shining star! Whiter and brighter than any by far…A star, a star, a star!

Thursday’s the first day of December and we are officially into the Christmas season. And even though the Magi didn’t see the star until like, 13 days or so after the birth of Jesus, we’ll be seeing our stars tomorrow ITG.

I want to make no mystery about it. I’m running the 12 days of Christmas with some other fellas this year and and since tomorrow will be Day 1, we’ll be warming up with a mile run. We’ll then be doing some CSAUP stuff in the shape of a star. You’ll be needing your coupons for this one.

Looking forward to reuniting with my Bayside Boys and any others that want to start their Friday eve off on the right foot. We’ll be using our left feet too so don’t forget about them.


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