2023 Pull Up Challenge: PreBlast

What it is: Doing 2023 pull-ups (at minimum) from Ianuary 2nd – Match 31st (89 days). That equates to 23 pull-ups every day.

How do I do it?: First things first. Find you a pull up bar. Construct you a pull up bar. Put one through your floor joists. If none of those can be done, find you a bar where you can; they’re everywhere! In past years dudes have used basement I beams, found tree limbs, scaffolding, hotel staircases…one PAX who shall remain nameless got some in at Disney in a crowded shuttle bus…whatever it takes to get the job done.

Accountability: for the fun, inspiration, and mumble chatter, we will do this together as a team. Join the 2023-pull-up-challenge on Slack. Keep track of your totals every day and on Sunday of each week let me know what your totals are. I have a spreadsheet to log totals in for tracking.

The Backstory: In 2020 I was unable to post. Kilo had told me, “no matter what you do, find a way to stay engaged.” I put together the CSAUP 2020 pull up challenge, not knowing if anyone would join me and certain it wouldn’t go beyond one year. Here we are about to embark into the 4th annual pull-up challenge with about 60 PAX that have participated, relationships built and countless stories of wins and successes.

The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to challenge yourself to something difficult. Now is the time and this is the thang! Come join us!!

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