BB – Patty Q – The Nest at the County – 1/28/23

Saturday morning and The County was a perfect temperature to go out and get better! A few runners pulled in just in time for 0700 to hit and the mumblechatter would start off hot and continue THE ENTIRE TIME! I feel the MC award will need to come from the County.

Captain Crunchberry
Jolly Rancher
Book worm
Brown Water
Double down
Double pump
Big bird
Honey Do
Meter Maid
Tarzan (2.0)
Patty – Q

Hill billy Walker
Abe Vigota’s
Merkin IC

Mosey to playground

30 -20 – 10 step ups
30 – 20-10 decline merkins
30 -20-10 dips

Mosey to hill

Thang 1- Bear Crawl Ladder

  • travel – Crawl Bear down hill
    Bear Crawl up hill and a lap around the parking lot.

5 Merkin
10 big boy
15 mount climber
20 jump squats

We started with a bear crawl down the hill and instantly modified as the hill was steeper than YHC planned. A quick change and we were back on track. After a few rounds and the PAX was starting to finish up the ladder, we called for last reps, watched Tarzan (Focker’s 2.0) push it up the hill, and got a quick breather, we then moved to the “competition” piece of the workout.

Thang 2 – “Beep test” – 10 Stages

The beep test is a test of endurance but also a chance to push past what is “comfortable”. The concept- cones are places 20 meters apart and the pax will move to one side to the next after each beep. As the test moves on, the beeps get faster and you get more tired. You get 1 mulligan to miss a beep but after that, you are out. How many stages could you make? Reference based on age:

After picking up the cones and catching our breath, we moseyed back to the flags to end with abs.

The Last Thang :Ab nuclear and feet Mary

Ab nuclear count down from 10-1, single count
Freddie Mercury

Mary –
DeVitto – Birds
Big Bird – on the stomach Opposite hand opposite foot in the are – IC
Honey Do – Monkey Humpers
Meter Maid – ankle touches
** but half the pax was calling time

COR – 19

NOR – No FNG’s

Announcements- Winter Olympics Ruck, Awards Banquet, The County Fair

Intentions- health, being role models for our 2.0’s and all unsaid.

Ended with the Sky Q’s prayer

Appreciate the invite and to be with you all this morning!

SYITG – Patty

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