BB – Patty Q – The Bridge at Posh – 2/15/2023

No filters 🙂

The day after Valentine’s Day and the Pax were still lovin the idea of getting out into the Gloom. We must have been giving off good vibes as we had a DR of F3 Knoxville join us. We pulled up, 8 pax fist bumped and was ready to move.


Baby Boomer (DR)
Bob Ross
Patty Q

Imperial Walker
Runner’s Stretch
Michael Phelps

Mosey and dropped off coupons

Continued COP with a mosey around an actual circle, Egg Lawn, with a few stops to pump out some Merkins and Burpees together. Moved on to the Main Thang

Main Thang:
Coupon Gassers – BOMBS
30 yards between each cone, 60 yards total – 10 reps for each exercise. Exercise:

Overhead Press
Bent Over Rows Rows

Gasser workout but you take the Coupon to the cone with you to do the exercise and move down the list as you get to one side.

Waited for the 6 with Mary or Burpees and Slowsied over to Main Thang #2

Main Thang #2 – Coupon Travel

Same set up with the cones spaced out 30 yards apart (60 yards total), but we would stay together throughout the workout. Travel included:

  • Pregnant Lady Coupon Walk (Or the Rihana as someone yelled out)
  • Rifle Carry
  • The Walking Curls
  • Coupon Lunges
  • Murder Bunnies
  • Coupon Pull Through

After a quick 10 count, we gathered coupons and headed back to the flags for some core work:
No feet Mary (try to keep your feet up the entire time until time is called)
Hello Dolly


COR – 8

NOR – No FNG’s – 1 DR BabyBoomer (F3 Knoxville)

Intentions: those who are sick, dealing with a loss of a family member, those thinking or in the middle of the adoption process, and those unsaid.

You know, we here a lot about hard times, tough situations, or simple issues that are going on in our life during COT. We discuss all the time about getting out and doing something hard to overcome and handle anything that is thrown at us or that God will give us the strength to persevere. I also find myself still holding on to that thing after the Gloom and I see it effect other parts of my day. Sometimes COT can be a great place to dump that “thing” you are dealing with in the middle of Ball of Man and leave it there at the AO and be better for those who need you.

Finished with the Sky Q’s prayer and we were out.

Thanks Posh for letting me get out with you all. See you next time.


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