BB – Patty Q – The Range at the Patriot – 3/1/23

March is here, and YHC had the pleasure to welcome in this month at the Home AO with a top notch crew! 0530 hit, disclaimer was given, the F3 Playlist was “Lit” as they say, and we were ready to go.

Attendance at the Range-
Rip Van Winkle
White bread
Patty Q

Slow Mosey Lap around Courthouse
Copper Head Squat
Runners stretch
Mountain Climber
Tempo Merkin
Faster Mosey Lap Around Courthouse and to the parking lot for the Main Thang

Main Thang – 6 and 6 – Full Body

We would use the 4 corners of the parking lot for this one. Each corner was a exercise location where you did 10 reps of the set.
You go from start to corner 1 -2-3 back to start and then go to corner 3-2-1 back to start. No exercise at the start, so you have 6 locations to do the set (exercise) and have 6 different sets. Full body – Arms-Abs-Legs

Sets include:
Gas Pumps (single count)
Bobby Hurley or Tony Delks
American Hammers (Single Count the Hard Way – only count the right side)
Monkey Humpers (SC)

We would FINISH each set all together and wait for the 6 with either Al Gores, Planks, or Flutter Kicks.

After a few ten-counts sprinkled throughout the workout, we finished with an Everything You Got Sprint to the flags. Finished right in time 😎


COR – 19

NoR – No FNG or DR

Announcements – F3 Softball Game coming soon, Holy Roller’s April Fools Beatdown, Jolly Rancher has the Q on Friday.

Intentions – Quick healing and those unsaid. I also shared a few thoughts on potential intentions that may be going on in your life you may want to pray for and topics to help remember what they are.

  • Things that are Ordinary in our life
  • Things that makes us Tired
  • Things in our life that bring Beauty
  • Grief-stricken things that enter into our life
  • Things that are Overwhelming
  • Things that are Painful
  • Parts of our life that are Garbage and need to be taken out
  • Things in our life that effect the Lives of others
  • Things in our life that are Holy

Ended with the BoM and the Sky Q’s Prayer

The Patriot is my Home AO and have felt like part of this group since day 1. I hope all others who join in the Gloom feel that same inclusion that ALL ARE WELCOME and you will never be left behind. See you all next time!


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