Pre-Blast – Jolly Rancher Q at Wisteria at Pleasantville – 03/10/2023!

I’m headed back to my old stomping grounds at Pleasantville – and I couldn’t be more excited. Well, that is assuming Subprime didn’t give away my Q or doesn’t pre-blast something else later today.

For those that may not be aware of this diamond in the rough, it is by far my favorite AO within F3 Louisville. T-Claps to Subprime, Wet Bandit and some of the faithful Stable, County and Mutters for keeping this thing alive.

If you haven’t made it out yet for Iron Horse Challenge, make tomorrow the day you pay respect to the fine civil engineers that made these sacred, hallowed grounds which we call Pleasantville.

Be prepared for some moderate running. No coupons required.

Go time is 0530am.

SYITG – Jolly Rancher out!

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