03/09/2023 BackBlast – FIVE YEAR AO-Versary @ Bayside

Moderately cool and brimming with excitement, I was reving my engine leaving Dunkin’ this morning. Armed with donuts, coffee, a speaker, cones, and gratitude I entered Bayside property with two minutes to spare. I might have given the disclaimer? We did a count-a-roma and name-a-roma to make sure we knew who need not be left behind.

COP: Nuclears with 1 burpee between sets (10, 9 , 8 down to 1)

The Thangs: Every 5 minutes starting at 5:40 am an alarm was set featuring a bayside classic “soul of fire” by Third Day. Each time the alarm sounded 5 burpees would be done.

Ace and Gary: 1) Partnered up for wheel barrow carry to (25yrd, 20,15,10,5) switch w/ partner and return to start and perform bobby hurleys stepping down by fives just like the wheel barrow. Extra credit: LBCs till six finishs 2) One partner planks while other does big boys (1 min then switch) 3) Leg Raise – One partner is standing and pushing down the other partners legs when they raise them. 4) Squat – partners are fists to fists while squating to prevent bending over in squat. Done in cadence like copperhead squats. (Tried to have every one wear a cone to ensure that they bent at the knees but they would not stay on the head). 5)Freddy Mercury Harmony/Tandem – placing feet against partners and moving them in-sync in cadence to 20 reps.

Closing: Indian run with merkins from the front man instead of six running forward. Next we played what a beautiful name by Hillsong where a merkin was performed at every attribute of Jesus (Beautiful, Wonderful, Powerful) the rest of the time holding plank in standard or elbow position. thankfully a burpee “break” interrupted in the middle to give temporary relief. Ended with partial Ab-O-Roma: LBCs 20 (IC), LBCs one leg up 20 then repeat by switching legs. Time called.

COT: Lifted up Banana Bread’s friend Kevin, Spam’s family needs, Birdie’s Elbow. Praise for Friendly Fire’s wife being cancer free for 14 years (I believe that was the correct #). Banana Bread gave some good words about how physically, emotionally, and spiritually he has seen improvement in five years.

Good 2nd F with Donuts and Coffee and conversation about what the jargon is at F3 and how to continue to move forward. 5 years down heres to the next 5! Cheers! -Slide Rule

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