4.18.23 Extreme Week! Evening BO @ The County – Worm & BigBird Co-Q

You may have heard said, “early bird gets worm…” However, on this day it’s not as early (as a matter of fact, it’s in the evening…this evening…at 1830), and if you show up at The County, you don’t just get Worm you also get Bird! Your Q’s are fired up for Extreme Week and we are ready to hand out a beatdown so epic, it may only be matched by last year’s Spring Convergence. We will have the perfect mix of er’y thang! You get one Q barking at you to not cheat on reps and to work yourselves hard! You get another Q that will be putting in hard work with you! One Q will require coupons (either on site or BYO) and the other…no coupons but some high intensity partner work. After you have pushed yourselves to the MAX for 45 more minutes by getting in a “two a day” workout, you get to put the bow on top of this beautiful day that the Sky Q has served up and enjoy some refreshments with some solid 2rdF.

You don’t want to miss this one! Come out and play with us!!!

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