2023 Challenge Yourself challenge

  • When does this take place: It never ends!…but for the purpose of this challenge, from today until 12 months from now.
  • What it is not: Any single challenge to become better in one specific, targeted area.
  • What it is: You’re already here. Now it’s time to dig deep and push for more! Push for greatness! Step outside of what is comfortable to find out what you’re made of!

I would like for you first to make some “you time” for reflection. During that reflection I want you to think about who you were before coming out to F3. Your moment could have been in 2017, after COVID, last week or anywhere in between. Try to think about how you felt about the person that you were. Why was it that you made that commitment, not only to come out in the first place but to keep coming back out. I want you to think about the effort that you put in for 45 minutes to an hour when coming out to The Gloom. I’d venture to say that after you have put in work with your brothers, your clothes saturated with sweat and your heartrate elevated barely before the sun has had a chance to rise, has to feel pretty darn good, doesn’t it?

Now I want to challenge you. And the answer to these next questions only you can answer. At the end of a workout do you have more in the tank? Could you have pushed yourself harder? Would you like to see yourself having more strength, stamina and endurance? If you’ve answered yes to any or all of these questions, let me tell you that it’s all there for the taking and the heart of a champion is inside of you. You just have to want it. You have to change your mindset from one that says, “I just have to finish today’s workout and I can check that box,” to one that says, “I’m going to push harder today.” I’m going to go faster to catch up to that dude in front of me today.” “When I feel like I don’t have anything else to give today, I’m going to get in that one more rep.” Are you going to become the best you in that day? Of course not. But saying yes for each moment, time and time again will produce extraordinary results. After all, it’s progress, right? And progress is defined as…”to move forward, proceed, to develop to a higher, better or more advanced stage.

So, for this next year, challenge yourself to elevate your fitness to that next level; whatever that looks like for you. Visualize the you that you would like to be if you worked as hard as you could and then dug just a little deeper. Say yes to side challenges; they’re all over the place! (Iron Horse Challenge, Iron PAX Challenge, running and rucking options all over the city, merkin challenges, pullup challenges or hell, create your own challenge! FREED To LEAD, right?) Know that you have men alongside you that will support you and your journey. And as you put in the hard work…? You never know who is watching you and will be inspired to get to where you are!

Go be a Force my guys!

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