BB – Bayside, The Max, 5/2/23

I sent out a PB and had only 1 HC hit the Bayside site, so I was nervous that no one was interested in what I had planned. Late in the evening, Patty hit Mumblechatter with the prospect of 4 FNG’s! No pressure. BTW, 1 HC turned into a FS.

Weather – 45 and a slight breeze.

PAX: Banana Bread, Birdie, Charolais (Q), Focker, Friendly Fire, Mothball, Ruby, Sadie, Slide Rule, Spam, 2.0’s – Firing Pin, Whopper, Nightcrawler and Fire Fly, and 4 FNG’s!!

With the new 4, we kept it simple for COP and stayed in the gathering area. Circled up for SSH , Toy Soldiers, Hillbilly Walkers, Grass Grabbers – all IC. Down Dogs with all the fixin’s including Catilyn Jenners and closed with Good Morning stretch.

With this being 502’uesday, YHC went with the Derby theme. We moved to the starting gate for Thang 1. The Call to the Post was attempted, but I am technologically challenged, so that didn’t work out so well. It was explained that the Derby was 1 1/4 mile and took about 2:00 to run. We would be covering that distance and stopping after 2:00 for more instructions. There are front runners and closers, so all the PAX took off for the 1st leg. FNG’s were given TLC and we made sure to cover the 6. At the 2:00 mark, we paused to recognize the 20 horses that are entered each year. 20 Merkins were completed. 2:00 timer was reset and we continued on for the next stop with 20 shoulder taps per side, 2:00 again and 20 Mt Climbers. We were at a good spot to offer the FNG’s a detour (Short Cut) and a few took that option. The remaining continued down the backstretch and stopped a couple more times for Merkins and Shoulder Taps. Met back up with the others and we moseyed until we could see the finish line. At that point, we sent the 6 sprinters with an All-u-Got, followed with the next 6 and finished with the last of the 6 studs.

Thang 2 – Horse and Jockey – Partner work for 100 Big Boys, 150 Squats, and 200 SSH while the partner ran a furlong. For those asking, that is 220 yards. We used our marked lot and did 2 laps at 55 yards and out. Music played with the Derby theme – kinda’ hard to get pumped to “Run for the Roses” by Dan Fogelberg, but hey – it followed the theme. Glad we had the visiting Focker to keep us motivated!

Last but not least, we gathered around the speaker for the greatest 2:00 ever – the 1973 Secretariat Derby call. We held the “Pat Day” jockey pose for the duration of the 1:59 2/5.

Time was called. All 18 made it back to the flag. FNG’s – B Flat, Cattle Chips, Little Foot and Short Cut were welcomed into the gloom. We shared the 5 keys of F3 with our new brothers and shared intentions. Special prayers for the Wimsatt family of Spencer Co who lost an 18 year old son this week in car accident.

Always blessed by our bond and the joy of the morning.


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