BB Pizza Q @ Pleasantville 5/5/23

Pax rolled in at 0527 like clockwork – Meter Maid, Mannequin, Ferb 2.0, Subprime, and Pizza. Loosely inspired by a Q ran at The Garden by Minnow – I decided to take a highly underutilized exercise and maximize it to its full potential. What exercise? The Hop. The WO:

11’s – Burpees up top, hop down the Ampitheater, Squats at bottom, hop and box jump up the Ampitheater (goal being keep your feet together at all times*). Hip flexors were burning and the groans of HIM getting better were heard across Pleasantville. This was a majority of the WO.

At 5:55 we headed towards stonehenge and did side shuffles, and hops forward, in and out of the columns x5 followed by 20 Merkins. We then moseyed back to the flag for some marry where we did: Flutter kicks (regular, left leg only, and right leg only), freddys, pickle pounders, pretzel crunches, bug smackers (named by Ferb – stealing that one it is a great exercise*), heel touches, and finished with a plank until COT.

Announcements – Dare to care 5/13, May ruck 5/27 at Posh (Memorial Murph – Q Diablo), The County Fair.

Intentions – Mannequin shared a unique story about raising kids via a book he read. What is your end goal with parenting aside from keeping your kids a live? One idea is to focus on having a relationship where you set aside time to hang out with them – even when they are teenagers, etc. It is not always about tasks and telling kids what to do. Be part of what is real and be a true, and reliable, friend to/for your kids. He also mentioned that sometimes your words can weigh 10,000lbs to your kids – So, be mindful of perspective. At least that was my takeaway!

10 seconds of silent prayer…

Meter said, “This should have been your Easter Q…”.

Pizza said, “Don’t worry, I will run it back…”.

All got better. Beautiful morning in the gloom. Appreciate the support and opportunity to lead.


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