Planetarium @ The Boondocks 05/09

Join me, neighborhood stargazers, and middle of the night park weirdos at The Boondocks tomorrow! YHC takes the helm with 61F and no rain forecast plus a 100% chance of getting better. Join in the fun as we run together, use some coupons, and stink like it’s 80F/90 humidity as we acclimate to this new normal of actual springtime before Kevin Harned tells us it’s Summer next week. We may not brag as much as other AO’s about our onsite coupons (something to prove, perhaps?) but we’ve got a pallet load of them ready for your curling and pressing pleasure. Did you miss today – the fartsack getcha? Don’t let tomorrow be today all over again or you will regret your yesterday next week. Don’t read into that too much – instead, meet me at The Boondocks ITG and tell me all the ways I’m wrong. SYITG!

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