BB Pizza Q – The BoW @ The O 5/9/23

The rain almost held off, but… terrential downpour came at 0520. I set up my weinke under a tree, which didn’t help by the way, along with (2) cones with flashlights underneath about 20 yards apart. I wrapped my speaker in a rain proof jacket and started the jams. Pax got out of their car at 0529 and I immediately noticed a smell reminescent of my college days… cigarette smoke. That is when we immediately opened our arms to the pax smoking and welcomed an FNG (later to be named Smoke Stack*).

Pax in attendance: Smoke Stack (FNG), Furdays, Sump pump (R), Coyote Ugly, Handbook, Haray Carray (R), Russdiculous, Situation, AirPod, Flo Jo, Patches, YNot, Finkle, Pizza (Q).

I went over the (5) core principles of F3 for the FNG – Always free, open to all men, workouts happen rain or shine, peer led, and always ends in COT.

We then went into warm ups with SSH, grass grabbers, abe vigodas, downward dog calf stretch, michael phelps, and arm circles.

Coupons were required for this workout. We then kicked it into something I created… a monster, if you will… called Man-Maker Nuclears. We started with sets of (8) and this includes 8 thrusters, 8 curls, 8 incline merkins, and 8 plank-jacks… then 7 each… nucleared down without stopping. After that 10 BOYOS. Pax were warmed up. Now it was time for the weinke.

The weinke: DORA – Partner A to Murder Bunny from one illuminated cone to the other – and then Murder Bunny back. Suffice to say – We murdered a lot of bunny’s that morning. Partner B to do the following with a combined total count: 200 Chest Press; 200 Weighted Squats; 200 Curls; 100 Big Boys and 500 Heel Touches. Important note: We did murder bunny’s in the grass… in the pouring rain… Like we were in the trenches. Each hop the coupons dug deeper and deeper into the pools of water and grass increasing the effectiveness and difficulty of the workout. Not to mention the water weight from our clothes, shoes, and gloves. Our extra 1% was certainly, yet brgrudgingly, earned that morning. In-fact – Pax asked me to move to the tennis courts where its dryer with less pools of water and I said, “I may be the only one, but I kind of like doing these in the wet grass” – When another Pax said, “Nope, you’re the only one”. We powered through… together. As Finkle said before the workout – The O likely worked harder than any other AO that morning. GOOD WORK – this was certainly the hardest thing I had to do that day.

After completion of the DORA we moved to Marry: Wrote “BAGOFWRENCHES” in the sky with our legs, gas pumps, plank, shoulder taps, and flutter kicks.

FNG – Came into the middle like a firecracker and gave us some background on himself. He was on the MTV show bromance. He used to be a pole vaulter… We had a lot to work with, but arriving with a cigarette stole the show. FNG = Smoke Stack.

Pizza: Announcements: Dare to care 5/13, May ruck 5/27, Furdays mentioned an evening workout coming soon that is 2.0 friendly – Watch out on slack

Finkle: Announcements: Dare to care 5/13… Someone wasn’t listening…


10 seconds of silent prayer to take a step back, think about how to better ourselves and our family, and give back to our community.

Looking back… this workout was pretty amazing. I think the rain had me in the, “I can’t wait until this is over” mindset, but a lot happened. A lot of fellowship, mumblechatter, and fitness. A lot of good. Even some wine! Glad I had the opportunity to lead.

Until next time. Cheers.


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